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We’re getting down to the wire here! It’s Wednesday night as I write this and we’ll be kicking off 3D Printing Camp on Saturday morning… if you’ve not yet registered, we still have some space available, so do it now!

Besides the folks involved in putting this on, including Sector67, DHMN, myDigitechnician, and RasterWeb!, we’ve managed to get a few other organizations to help us out as well, including College of Business at Illinois, Digital Craft Research Lab, Milwaukee Makerspace, MakerBot Industries, Shapeways, and Google.

Myself, along with everyone involved in putting on this event believe that 3D printing is a world-changing technology. Many of us see our present time as comparable to the personal computer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s. We’ve got affordable fabrication machines in our home… the future is here now!

And as for the companies and groups sponsoring this event, they believe in this vision as well, and many of them are leading the way in making it happen. Give them your thanks, and with any luck we’ll finish out Saturday night with talk about planning the next (bigger and better!) event for 2013. :)


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