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We just heard from a couple more sponsors today who are supporting 3DPrintingCampWI 2012 — Google and C.ideas. A most appreciative tip of the hat to the Madison Googlers and to the people who C.ideas and make them happen. As long as an unconference has a place to meet, sponsors aren’t a required part of these participant-driven events. But sponsors make the day a lot more fun and create a stronger community around the topic of the unconference. Helping buy meals for unconference participants is especially helpful because that keeps everyone onsite during the event and builds stronger┬ácamaraderie.

Thus far around $1700 has been donated to the unconference by Google, C.ideas and the other sponsors listed on this website and mentioned below. That should be enough money to cover lunch for all the registered participants of the July 21 3D printing unconference, in addition to the miscellaneous costs to put on the unconference, like garbage bags and name tags, some vinyl stickers for participants to put on their laptops or other prominent locations, and making Sector67 whole for any miscellaneous supplies we end up using on Saturday. If we get a flurry of last minute donations for the event, any excess money will be given to Sector67 to help make it an even more *awesome* place! Sponsors who earlier committed to making Wisconsin’s first 3D printing unconference happen are:





College of Business – UIUC

Digital Craft Research Lab – UW Milwaukee

Milwaukee Makerspace

MakerBot Industries


John Baichtal

Ben Heck

If you know of any companies or organizations who might like to do a last minute sponsorship of a cool unconference that will be filled with a crowd of inquisitive and future-thinking people and a uniquely wide spectrum of 3D printers, please invite them to participate in the event and to consider sponsoring the event. A few more companies contributing $100 or $200 would ensure we could provide lunch for participants and pizza for the evening nourishment.

Also, please spread the word to friends and acquaintances who might truly enjoy seeing the cool stuff that can be done with 3D printers. It would be great to fill up the last fifty spots in the event registration max of 125 with people who live around Madison or Milwaukee and would be valuable additions to the growing Wisconsin community of 3D printers owners and users. I’m sure Sector67 members would love to see four or five 3D printers always in action there. So if you know cool, interesting, maker-type people who you’d like to see involved with 3D printing, invite them to register and show up on Saturday.

See you soon!



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