A Gift from Shapeways


Have you heard of Shapeways? If you’ve got your own 3D printer, you may be fine using it to create your own objects, but what if you want your final piece to be made of something besides plastic?

Shapeways may be the answer to that… And if you don’t yet have your own 3D printer (or don’t want one!) you can always use Shapeways to do all the printing for you. Keep it simple, right?

Well, the folks at Shapeways were excited to hear about 3D Printing Camp, and wanted to help out, so here’s the deal. We’ve got ten vouchers to give away at the event. If you’ve never designed something in 3D their Easy Creator is worth looking at, and if you’ve got the 3D chops already, you can just upload your existing model.

If you’ve already registered, all you need to do is show up, and we’ll choose 10 people to get the vouchers throughout the day. And if you haven’t registered yet, do it now!


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