What printer do you have?

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I took the liberty of asking a bunch of people I know what printers they had. (The results are below.) I’m hoping to see an even wider variety of 3D printers at the camp.

Pete P. (that’s me!)
I’ve got a MakerGear Prusa, and print 3mm ABS

Joe K.
RepRap Prusa (and help maintain 2 MakerBot CupCakes at Sector67)

Brian V.
MakerBot Thing-o-matic MK7

John E.
Building a MakerGear RepRap Prusa now, will print 1.75mm

Chris M.
Working on building 4 Ultimakers. (A few will stick around Sector67)

Tim B.
RepRap Prusa

Alex H.
I built a RepStrap (modified milling machine) with extruder parts printed on Tim’s Prusa. I print with 3mm PLA

Have B.
Stratasys FDM 1600. Not cutting edge (late 90s machine), but built like a tank and extremely reliable. Runs 1.75mm ABS and HIPS

Gary K.
MakerGear Mosaic, 1.75mm extruder

Brent B.

Besides all these, I know at least one person in Milwaukee building a MendelMax, and of course at Milwaukee Makerspace someone is working on what we are calling a MegaMax!

So what printer will you bring to 3D Printing Camp?


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2 comments on “What printer do you have?
  1. Tony W. says:

    Prusa mendel (in the works) 90% done.

  2. Jesse D. says:

    We’ve got a Printrbot LC with a few upgrades.