MakerBot Visit To Wisconsin, June 25 & 26

The MakerBot team is headed to Wisconsin, so if you want to meet them and have some great 3D printing discussions, head on over to Milwaukee Makerspace on June 25 or Madison’s Sector67 on June 26.

Here’s a blog post from Raster about the June 25 visit to Milwaukee Makerspace, and here’s what the MakerBot calendar says about the June 26 stop they’re going to make at Sector67:

“R. Maker comes to join Sector 67′s legion of MakerBot users as MakerBot’s Community Team Leader Matt Griffin along with Lead Designer Michael Curry bring their Replicators in for a night of creative awesomeness.”

Before the MakerBot crew pulls into Wisconsin, they spent some time at Maker Faire: Kansas City. I enjoyed a few days last summer in Kansas City (both sides of the border) when I was trying to talk Google into hiring me to be the Google Fiber KCK Community Advocate. [Google, unfortunately for me (and for KCK, I feel) has not yet realized the value of a dedicated KCK Community Advocate for the Google Fiber Project. If they do determine later this year or in 2013 that they'd like to hire someone for that job, I look forward to explaining to them what I offer that other candidates don't!] While in KC, I met some of the CCCKC hacker/makers (have a nice CCCKC sticker on the back of the laptop on which I am now typing — thanks Joel and Luis!), and spent some time at Union Station in KCMO where Maker Faire: Kansas City happened in 2011 and 2012.

If at all possible, I’m heading down to either Milwaukee Makerspace or Sector67 to meet the MakerBot team this week.

Check your calendar and see if you can get to one of the two Wisconsin stops for MakerBot’s roadtrip to Midwest hacker/makerspaces!


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